$4 Million Well Spent? 

Posted: 9:30 pm Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

By Jamie Dupree

The half hour Obama advertisement last night was about what I expected.  If anything, Obama can step right into a career on a show like 20/20 or something, as he sounded like a voice over professional.

I guess the first question I had while watching it was, where was that office he was talking in?  Did he go up to Camp David when President Bush wasn’t there or something?

The stories were expected, as were most of their locations in Missouri, Ohio and New Mexico, all three being battleground states.

I was sort of surprised by the fourth being in Kentucky, since Obama has no chance of winning in the Bluegrass State, but the message was one aimed directly at white working Americans.

I will say I thought the person directing the final shots at the live event in Florida must have been jacked up on caffeine because there were way too many quick shots.  But that comes from someone who thinks too much about production.

Was it worth it?  Some people think it might have been overkill.  It was more interesting that Ross Perot’s famous paid message of 16 years ago, but Perot at least did give us some Saturday Night Live type material.  This one was pretty bland.

All the images were there – the veterans, the flags, and the opening shot of the waving fields of wheat.

Soon after the Obama ad ended, a McCain email went out to supporters.

“Throughout this election season, I’ve been reminded of the Yogi Berra quote, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” My friends, I’m telling you today, this election is not over and we need everyone’s hard work in the coming days to be victorious,” the email from the Arizona Senate read.

Obama hits three states on this Thursday, Florida, Virginia and Missouri.

McCain spends all day in Ohio with four events.

Five days to go.