Change In The Senate 

Posted: 10:01 am Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

By Jamie Dupree

With reports that Sen. Ken Salazar of Colorado is heading into the Obama Cabinet, we get to chalk up the departure of yet another lawmaker from the Congress.  I mean, who needs term limits?

Two years ago in the 2006 elections, there were 10 new Senators elected. 

Since then, we had one Senator die in office (Thomas of Wyoming) and one Senator resign (Lott of Mississippi.)  That’s 12.

So far in the 2008 elections, we have had 9 new Senators elected.  That makes 21.  (It could even go to 22 if Al Franken wins in Minnesota.)

Since the elections, even more has happened.

The Senate will lose not only Barack Obama and Joe Biden, but also Hillary Clinton and their colleague Ken Salazar, who will be Secretary of Interior.

That’s four more to add to the list.

That makes 25 new Senators since the November 2006 elections.

One quarter of the Senate.