Inaugural Musings From DC 

Posted: 1:47 pm Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

By Jamie Dupree

We’ve now moved under the five week mark until Inauguration Day on January 20, and this city is a hilarious combination of Fear and Loathing about the big day.

One of my former Capitol Hill colleagues stopped by yesterday to give a visiting big shot reporter a quick in person tour of the Capitol and what to expect on the big day.

No one you would know, just one of the biggest TV big shots from France who flew over for a day to get the lay of the land for Inauguration Day.

We had a nice chat in his perfect French and my choppy French, but it was an Inaugural Moment nonetheless.

One of the major concerns of reporters of all languages right now is what we are going to have to do on the big day.

There are all kinds of disaster scenarios out there about how difficult it will be to even get to the Capitol with the giant crowds that are expected, that some of my friends are considering sleeping at work so they don’t have to commute.

For those of you who have been to DC before, you will love this note – all of the bridges that come across to the city from Virginia will be open only for buses and VIPs.  No driving your car over to DC on the day of the Inaugural.

Since no hotel rooms are available for anyone with a normal budget, there are a lot of people renting out their houses in the city, especially on Capitol Hill.

One story I heard yesterday is that someone on the Hill rented their 3 story townhouse out for a cool $15,000 to a big time celebrity.

Good money if you can get it, eh?

Right now, my commute on Inauguration Day looks like it is going to begin about 3:59am on the subway.

That’s if I don’t decide to just sleep in my booth in the Capitol.



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