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The Obama Citizenship Conspiracy, Part 3

My email inbox is still smoldering from my blogs the last two days on the Conspiracy Theory that Barack Obama is not a US citizen.  So, let’s do it again.

First, we should talk about the real news that occurred on Wednesday, as Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy rejected two more emergency requests to have the High Court stay the results of the Presidential election.

That now means the Justices have rejected such appeals seven different times in the last six weeks. 

Remember, this is the Supreme Court which has seven people nominated by Republican Presidents and two by Democrats.

You can see the breakdown of the appeals surrounding the case brought by Philip Berg at http://origin.www.supremecourtus.gov/docket/08-570.htm

Berg is sort of the point man for much of this, garnering a lot of publicity along the way.  So far though, the Judicial Branch of government hasn’t given him much hope.

Now let’s get back to all those juicy blog comments over the last two days on this subject!

Rufus took one of the first shots, “Who cares about Obama’s birth certificate, we all know who Jamie voted for.”

Oh, Rufus, you obviously don’t listen very carefully, or you would know that I don’t vote for President, all so I don’t have to lie when you accuse me of voting for one candidate or the other. 

There there was Lee G., who jabbed at my lack of effort on verifying what’s up with Obama’s birth certificate, “Jamie, as a reporter, why would you ever take the word of a government employee at face value?”

Since I’ve only been to Honolulu once and won’t be going back anytime soon, I searched around and found some colleagues who have been.  So here’s what FactCheck.org found.


I know that’s not going to convince most of you who already believe that Obama was born in Kenya and then jetted to Hawaii a few days later to get a birth certificate because everyone knew he was going to run for President later in life. 

So here was something else I stumbled on.  Heck, someone out there found a copy of the Honolulu newspaper from August of 1961, which announces his birth. 

The operative nut from this guy who did some research was, “in 1961 these (birth) announcements came directly from the Vital Statistics Office as reported by local hospitals, according to the researcher who found this information.”

Oh I know, all of that could be faked as well…no one has the real copy of the newspaper…it’s all part of the conspiracy, etc.  Sheesh, this Obama Citizenship Conspiracy keeps getting bigger and bigger every day!

Maybe we’ll find out the Democratic Party in 1961 paid for his mom’s plane flight from Kenya to Hawaii to get that birth certificate filed.  Anyone got some good inside links to the airlines so we could check the flight manifests?

Now, Obama is heading back to Hawaii in coming days.  Could it be that he’s going there to further the conspiracy????  (Cue the ominous music NOW.)

Listener Paul D. Pearl is one who is getting tired of all the yakking on this one.

“I love a good conspiracy but this one is a loser. I suppose Obama killed his grandmother to make sure she didn’t talk… right?”

Now there’s one that I actually have gotten in emails, people saying that Obama rubbed out his grandmother before the elections, so that she wouldn’t spill the beans on his birthplace.

Okay, FIRE AWAY in the comments section!  I’m going to sit back and enjoy another full day of fun.  This is like Christmas.