Jamie Dupree – WSB Radio

Sen. Al Franken?

The vote counting continues this week in Minnesota, where Democrat Al Franken now leads incumbent GOP Sen. Norm Coleman by 251 votes.

Franken took the lead for the first time last week, after the race had gotten as close as a two vote edge for Coleman on Thursday night.

More votes will be added to the totals today as the Minnesota Secretary of State goes through ballot challenges that were withdrawn by the two candidates.

Democrats say they think Franken will still be ahead after those are tallied by 35 to 50 votes, according to Franken’s campaign manager.

The courts must still deal with about 1,600 absentee ballots which were initially rejected and now are going to be counted.

The Coleman camp charges some other ballots were counted twice.

All of it means a lot more legal wrangling…and don’t be surprised if the race isn’t finalized by January 6, when the new Congress convenes.