Jamie Dupree – WSB Radio

Franken Lead Now 48 In Minnesota

The Senate Race That Will Not End is evidently going to get even closer on Tuesday, as Minnesota elections officials will add in ballots that had challenges against them withdrawn.

Officially, Democrat Al Franken leads Sen. Norm Coleman by 251 votes, but when the waived challenges are added in, that lead will be down to just 48.

Remember, it was Franken’s top campaign aide who predicted that after this group of ballots was added in, that Franken would lead by between 35 and 50 votes. 

How crazy.

Also today, the Minnesota Supreme Court will be asked to rule on a group of ballots that Republican lawyers say were counted twice – mostly in favor of Franken.

Still to be deal with are about 1,600 absentee ballots that were at first rejected.  For whatever reason, the conventional wisdom is that those will favor Franken and not Coleman.

Franken took his first lead last Friday.

It’s now seven weeks after Election Day.  And I would be surprised if this is finished two weeks from today, when the new Congress convenes.

One interesting note along those lines.  If on January 6 there is no winner, then the office of Sen. Coleman will have to shut down, because there is no longer someone in the seat now held by the senior Senator from Minnesota.