Obama’s Hawaii Retreat 

Posted: 9:17 pm Monday, December 22nd, 2008

By Jamie Dupree

I figured it wouldn’t take long for something to happen on Obama’s Hawaii vacation.  Now we’ve got a papparazzi pec shot and the disappearing real estate listing.

First, while the pool reporters were cooling their jets in the van outside the Obama compound, some guy with a telephoto lens walked down the beach and took some pictures of Obama in the surf, showing off his workout bod.

This reminds me of the rules we have to deal with as media in the U.S. Capitol when covering the Congress.

We credentialed reporters have to follow the rules on where we can shoot pictures and do interviews, while the public can whip out their movie camera just about anywhere.

Need some pictures from the Capitol Rotunda?  Don’t ask the TV networks, because chances are they will ask to shoot some video and the authorities will say no.

But hand a camera over to a member of the public going on a tour of the Capitol, and they can shoot all the video they want while standing in the Rotunda.

Like a lot of other reporters, I was busily searching the internet the other day looking for the house that Obama was staying in.  I thought I found it, but wasn’t 100% sure.

Now the boys at smokinggun dot com have come through in the clutch, spearing the internet real estate listing that suddenly has been yanked off the net.

That five bedroom five and a half bath estate can be seen at http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2008/1222081obama2.html

Needless to say, my wife wants to go there.  It’s only $2500-$3500 a night.  Maybe Neal Boortz will rent it out for a week of broadcasts.

Then again maybe not.

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