More Senate Votes 

Posted: 8:44 pm Monday, December 21st, 2009

By Jamie Dupree

The Senate won’t be burning the midnight oil, but Senators will be in the Capitol early on this Tuesday, moving to the next round of votes as Democrats move closer to approval a health care bill.

After a cloture vote at 1 am on Monday, this time the votes begin at sunrise, as the Senate first votes on the latest health care amendments offered by Democrats.  Then there will be a second cloture vote on the underlying substitute amendment for the health care.

On Monday, Democrats urged Republicans to cut short their Senate battle on health care, and allow a final vote before Christmas.

Under the Senate rules, the GOP could stretch out the debate until Thursday night, on Christmas Eve, but some Senators say there is no reason for lawmakers to ruin their holiday and that of their Senate staffers as well.

The schedule looks like this:

Tuesday 7:20 am – two votes as detailed above, then 30 hours of debate

Wednesday 2 pm – two more votes, one on the substitute amendment, and then a cloture vote to shut off debate on the bill

Thursday 8-9 pm – final approval of the health care bill on Christmas Eve


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