More Attacks on Gingrich 

Posted: 7:44 pm Thursday, December 8th, 2011

By Jamie Dupree

Now that Newt Gingrich has jumped into the frontrunner’s spot in the Republican race for the White House, the long knives are out with just three and a half weeks until the Iowa Caucuses.

As we detailed earlier on this blog, Mitt Romney’s surrogates led the charge, attacking Gingrich in a day-long barrage.  But that’s not the only attack on the former U.S. House Speaker, as now evangelical Republicans in Iowa are taking aim at Gingrich with a video that labels Newt as “untrustworthy.”

Those behind this video are supporting Rick Santorum – the title is simple – “For The Record : Kim Kardashian of the GOP.”

“Is Newt Gingrich trustworthy?” the description reads on the You Tube video.  “Do you know much about his family life? Molotov Mitchell illuminates and eviscerates in this hilarious expose of the GOP’s heir-apparent.”

Tell me what you think.  The internet has certainly spawned a new type of attack ad.