Jamie Dupree – WSB Radio

GOP faces veto threat on immigration limits

While waiting for Republican leaders to say how they’ll work through spending bills before Christmas, the White House made clear on Monday that any GOP effort to use those funding measures to limit the President’s executive actions on immigration would be met with a veto.

“There are a variety of proposals that we’ve seen floated on Capitol Hill,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, making clear to reporters that any limits on immigration actions would not pass muster with the President.

“It is the view of this administration that Congress should fulfill its responsibility and pass a year long budget,” Earnest said.

For now, Republicans still aren’t sure what’s next, as they face calls from some in the party for a showdown next week, when a stop gap budget runs out.

GOP leaders have been making clear their displeasure with the President’s moves, but not really indicating how they will challenge him.

Democrats meanwhile continue to put pressure on Republicans to both avoid a government shutdown and to act on a Senate-passed immigration measure.

Such a vote though is not expected, as Republicans may instead move smaller pieces of immigration legislation next year, in the 114th Congress.