Democrats block GOP plan on Obama immigration actions

Democrats block GOP plan on Obama immigration actions 

Posted: 3:23 pm Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

By Jamie Dupree

Denouncing efforts by Republicans to block implementation of President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, Senate Democrats used a filibuster to block a GOP bill designed to roll back those immigration changes, leaving funding for the Department of Homeland Security in limbo.

The vote to force a start to debate on the House-passed bill was 51-48; 60 votes were needed to officially get that measure to the Senate floor.

The vote was mainly along party lines, with Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) joining Democrats to block the bill.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell switched his vote to “No” for procedural reasons, in order to force another procedural vote, which may happen later this week.

After the vote, Senators of both parties exchanged bitter jabs on the floor.

“All they have to do is present a clean funding bill for Homeland Security,” said Sen. Clare McCaskill (D-MO), who accused Republicans of “trying to play a political trick” by including the immigration language in the DHS funding bill.

“Why in the world is it that Senate Democrats won’t even allow this particular legislation to be debated?” said Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX).

Boehner jabs at conservative critics

Several hours before the Senate vote, Speaker John Boehner tweaked some of his more conservative critics in the Senate, reminding Republican voters that he had already done his part to overturn the President’s actions.

“We won this fight in the House,” Boehner said, as he directly called out two GOP Senators who have rallied rank-and-file Republicans against the Speaker on several issues.

“It’s time for Senator Cruz and Senator Sessions, and Senate Republicans and Senate Democrats, to stand with the American people and block the President’s actions,” Boehner said.

It’s not clear what Republicans would do next, as Democrats and the President say any plan that has immigration restrictions will be blocked before it can get to the White House.


It’s just unbelievable that the self proclaimed dictator Obama, is trying to force on the people hundreds of billions of dollars in an incomprehensible taxes to support an invasion. An illegal alien invasion which I believe and a large proportion of Americans judge is well underestimated at 11 million? We cannot allow this; under no circumstances should illegal aliens be allowed to be rewarded with a cornucopia of citizenship rights, along with a small gold mine of food stamps, vouchers for housing, Obamacare, Education child tax credits with even fraudulent reimbursements. Being given a Social Security number, a permit to work is a final straw after unknown numbers have stolen Social Security cards and other ID.

This passionate nation can no longer AFFORD to be a financial benefactor to anybody who breaks the law.  Yet now Obama and his elected officers have violated the law, relating to restrictions of how many immigrants are processed to LEGALLY enter America. In addition to this he has secretly permitted 35,000 criminal aliens being released into the mainstream populace of our country, after being locked away.  A large number have been re-arrested for a list of felonies. There is no excuse for this type of lawlessness mounted. It seems that Obama administration will go any length, to favor foreigners over our own veterans, families, street children, the homeless, the disabled, and the mentally ill. Not forgetting the millions of American men and women who cannot find a job, whether temporary/part time or long term employment. This present government is inept to the extreme, but neither can be truly trusted. Both parties connive to default on their oath of allegiance, other than a very few honest Conservatives-not GOP entrenched established wealthy elites.

When you thought the lawlessness of President Barack Obama and his henchmen had reached its limit in his unconstitutional executive amnesty orders and memos another even more astonishing example of illegal behavior regarding immigration has been revealed.

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, issued a statement regarding new data, unearthed in a Freedom of Information Act request, which revealed the operation of a shadow immigration system, that since 2009 has issued 5.5 million foreign worker permits above the yearly flow of 1 million green cards and 700,000 guest workers, a massive surplus beyond existing legal numerical limitations.

This drastic expansion of foreign workers, which includes many illegal workers, undermines jobs and incomes for all residents, including recent immigrants.

In his statement Senator Sessions said: 

“This Freedom of Information Act request has unearthed the operation of a shadow immigration system previously unknown to the American public. A full investigation is warranted. In addition to the widespread non-enforcement of existing immigration law—such as the public charge rule—we know now the Administration has been issuing millions of additional work permits beyond what Congress has authorized. Since 2009, the Administration has issued 5.5 million new work permits in excess of the regular immigration flow. This massive increase in the labor supply has occurred simultaneously with a steep drop in family incomes and a sharp rise in the number of Americans pushed out of the workforce. All jobs gains since the recession have gone to foreign workers, while the slack labor market has depressed median family incomes almost $5,000 in that time.

During his statement Senator Sessions said: 

This exposé comes as Congress prepares to vote tomorrow on whether to begin debate on the House-passed bill to stop the President’s unlawful issuance of another 5 million work permits to illegal immigrants. The House bill on the floor fully funds every lawful activity of DHS; what it does not fund is outlaw behavior. Any Senator who votes to block debate is voting to deny their constituents the protections of their own laws. Blocking debate on this bill is to block your own constituents’ voice in the affairs of their government. Congress passed limitations on immigration and rules for residing in the United States, in order to protect the economic interests of all U.S. workers—both immigrant and native-born. Month after month, the Administration has systemically dismantled U.S. immigration laws without evoking a word of protest from members of the President’s party. The coming days will test whether congressional Democrats can claim to represent American workers, or whether they will complete their transformation into the party of open borders.”

Naturally, we expect Senator Sessions and other principled conservatives in Congress to conduct hearings on the information revealed by our friends at the Center for Immigration Studies, but are hearings, oversight and an attempt at defunding these unauthorized programs the end of congressional power to rein-in a lawless President?

No, there is another alternative, and it is called impeachment.

There is now a vast body of unlawful conduct and malfeasance documented concerning Barack Obama's faithless execution of the office of President, and the conduct of this “shadow immigration system” is one more egregious act to add to the bill of particulars against Obama.

Impeaching Obama would be a very unpleasant choice, and there is clearly no appetite for it in today’s Capitol Hill GOP. But we are with Andy McCarthy and the millions of grassroots constitutional conservatives who believe living with what Obama is otherwise going to do over the next two years (on top of what he has already done) will be a more unpleasant choice. If the choices are impeach Obama or live with his lawlessness we say that's no choice at all -- it is an imperative that Congress begins impeachment proceedings immediately.

There is a gathering momentum to Impeach Obama amongst the American public and many Politicians, but the latter is held back by their bumbling leaders as Harry Reid and John Boehner.Nor can you think you can sit back patiently and do—nothing? YOU—and only you as voters have the omnipotent power to stop this amnesty? Your taxes will spiral as the lies preceding the implementation of Obamacare that was foreseen by the Tea Party.  We urge you to call your Representative and Senators (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) and ask them to keep up the pressure on their state and federal lawmakers. CALL YOUR MEMBER. This type of lawlessness by a sitting president is unequal in our history. 

He has stepped out of line and those Democrats, who are partners in crime, will also be held accountable. Even now the bulk of the American people are very suspicious, whether there is a hidden pact arranged between Obama and Boehner? That we are being tricked into thinking that top lawmakers of both parties are seriously protecting the American people from more floods of cheap labor, or for the Democratic alternative--more voters, not restrained by the perjury law if illegally voting. Every time an illegal alien slips past our unsecured border, we, the taxpayer must support them. Learn more at NumbersUSA or Alipac on this venomous subject if neither party will hermetically seal the border without any gaps?