Rubio ridicules Trump as “con artist”

Rubio ridicules Trump as “con artist” 

Posted: 2:38 pm Friday, February 26th, 2016

By Jamie Dupree

From Dallas, Texas –

The day after launching a verbal broadside against Donald Trump in a Republican debate in Houston, Marco Rubio continued those attacks both on the morning television shows and on the stump in the Lone Star State.

“What we are dealing with here my friends is a con artist,” Rubio told supporters, arguing that Trump is trying to recast the Republican Party into one that is not conservative.

“He says he’s fighting for the little guy – what about the students who signed up for Trump University, a fake school?” as Rubio continued his debate attacks.

That “little guy” attack on Trump was echoed on Friday as well by Ted Cruz, who used the line during a stop in Nashville, Tennessee.

“I mean, this guy bankrupted a casino,” Rubio told an outdoor rally in Dallas a few hours earlier. “How do you bankrupt a casino?”

“He has spent his entire career sticking it to the little guy,” Rubio said to more cheers.

It was Rubio’s final stop in the Lone Star state before Super Tuesday, as he moved on from there to Oklahoma, two of the eleven Republican contests on March 1.

Rubio has bubbled up in the polls in Texas, but still seems a long shot here.

This is one of the few states where Trump has not led in the polls, as Ted Cruz tries to win his home state, and stay in the race for President.