Debate commission rejects Trump call for date changes

Debate commission rejects Trump call for date changes 

Posted: 8:39 pm Sunday, July 31st, 2016

By Jamie Dupree

Donald Trump this weekend demanded new dates for this fall’s Presidential debates, accusing the bipartisan group that organized it of setting times that conflicted with pro football, and of rigging the schedule to favor Democrats and Hillary Clinton. The bipartisan group that organizes those debates rejected Trump’s charges and said nothing was going to change.

But Trump’s argument wasn’t entirely on point, as the debate schedule was set months ago by what’s known as the Commission on Presidential Debates, well before either party had chosen a nominee.

And on Sunday, that debate panel made clear it was not changing anything.

“The CPD (Commission on Presidential Debates) believes the dates for the 2016 debates will serve the American public well,” the panel said in a written statement.

The schedule looks like this:

September 26 – First debate at Hofstra University in New York

October 4 – Vice Presidential debate – Longwood University in Virginia

October 9 – Second debate – Washington University in St. Louis

October 19 – Final debate – University of Nevada Las Vegas

Trump also claimed that he had received a letter from the NFL complaining about the debate schedule – but that evidently did not occur.

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