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House approves big, bipartisan bill to deal with opioid crisis

  • 1:23 pm Friday, June 22nd, 2018 by Jamie Dupree

In a fresh reminder that political cooperation is not dead on Capitol Hill, the House on Friday overwhelmingly approved a sweeping package of over fifty bipartisan bills to address the misuse of prescription opioid pain medicine, as lawmakers voted to expand a variety of services under Medicare and Medicaid to deal with the drug scourge.

“We can do things when we put partisan politics aside and work together,” said Rep. Gus Bilirakis (R-FL), one of a number of lawmakers who touted various provisions in the sweeping opioids measure.

“This particular bill, H.R. 6, is the crown jewel of all that [More]

House defeats one GOP immigration bill, delays vote on second plan

  • 3:01 pm Thursday, June 21st, 2018 by Jamie Dupree

Struggling to find consensus on immigration reform, the House on Thursday rejected a more conservative Republican immigration reform bill, and then in a bid to salvage the effort, GOP leaders delayed action on a second immigration reform measure until next week.

It wasn’t immediately clear how many changes GOP leaders would make in the second bill – or what they would be – all in a bid to draw more GOP support, and get an immigration plan through the House before lawmakers leave town next week for a July Fourth break.

41 House Republicans voted against the first GOP bill, which was [More]

House to vote on two GOP immigration bills – both may fail

  • 7:27 am Thursday, June 21st, 2018 by Jamie Dupree

After months of internal wrangling over how best to deal with illegal immigration, the House is poised on Thursday to debate and vote on two immigration reform bills written by Republicans – but because of fissures inside the GOP – it’s possible both measures may go down to defeat on Thursday afternoon.

“This is very good compromise legislation,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan, who was struggling to convince more conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus to back a bill that some GOP lawmakers denounced as “amnesty” for illegal immigrant “Dreamers.”

“The failed policies of previous administrations have catered to open border [More]

Trump stops family separations, keeps ‘zero tolerance’ at border

  • 3:41 pm Wednesday, June 20th, 2018 by Jamie Dupree

Under growing pressure from lawmakers in both parties, President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order that would allow illegal immigrant families detained by U.S. border authorities to remain together in many situations, ending an outcry over forced separations which took young children from their parents.

“I didn’t like the sight or the feeling of families being separated,” the President told reporters in the Oval Office, as he signed the new plan, which was drawn up as more and more Republicans publicly said Mr. Trump’s border crackdown had become a PR nightmare.

“The border is just as tough, but we do [More]

President Trump to reverse course on immigrant family separations

  • 12:44 pm Wednesday, June 20th, 2018 by Jamie Dupree

Under pressure from lawmakers in both parties, President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he would sign a new executive order to stop the forced separation of illegal immigrant children and parents at the southern border with Mexico, a ‘zero tolerance’ policy that had been put in place by his administration in early May.

“We want to keep families together, it’s very important, I’ll be signing something in a little while to do that,” the President said, meeting with a number of GOP lawmakers from the House and Senate.

“We’re keeping families together, but we have to keep our borders strong,” Mr. Trump [More]

After Trump visit, Republicans try to rally behind immigration bill

  • 11:04 pm Tuesday, June 19th, 2018 by Jamie Dupree

President Donald Trump tried on Tuesday evening to push Republicans in the House to pass an immigration reform bill later this week, basically telling GOP lawmakers he would support whatever they could approve, as Republicans not only were struggling to find the votes to do that, but a number of party members were also telling the White House to back off a new policy that separates some illegal immigrant kids from their parents after being picked up at the border.

“The system’s been broken for many years,” the President told reporters at the Capitol before the unusual Tuesday evening gathering.

“The [More]

Trump to meet House GOP amid furor over immigrant families

  • 4:00 am Tuesday, June 19th, 2018 by Jamie Dupree

As President Donald Trump lashed out at Democrats on Monday, demanding again that Congress act to tighten federal immigration laws, more Republicans in the Congress began to distance themselves from a recent Trump Administration policy change, which has resulted in the separation of some 2,200 illegal immigrant families detained by border authorities.

“As the son of a social worker, I know the human trauma that comes with children being separated from their parents,” said Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS), as he asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to “take immediate action to end the practice of separating children from families at the border.”

“We [More]

Back on the air with Jamie Dupree 2.0

  • 12:13 pm Monday, June 18th, 2018 by Jamie Dupree

It was just another newscast this morning for WSB Radio in Atlanta. It was just another newscast on WDBO in Orlando, WHIO in Dayton, WOKV in Jacksonville, and KRMG in Tulsa. But it was much more than that for me, as my voice – my new, computer generated voice – went on the air today, getting me back on the radio for the first time in two years, after my voice was taken away by an unknown neurological disorder.

We call it, Jamie Dupree 2.0, a voice synthesized from recordings of my past news stories, which when [More]

Pulling back the curtain on Jamie Dupree 2.0

  • 1:00 pm Sunday, June 17th, 2018 by Jamie Dupree

Monday marks the start of a new effort to get my voice back on the radio for the first time in two years, by using a high tech solution, a computer generated voice, drawn from recordings of my old stories, as medical efforts to bring my voice back – to anything close to normal – have not been successful.

It was April 2016 when my voice began to falter, after I got sick on a family vacation; since then, my doctors have determined that I have a rare neurological disorder, in which the signals from the brain are getting mixed up [More]

VIDEO: President Trump spars with reporters, speaks on Fox

  • 10:43 am Friday, June 15th, 2018 by Jamie Dupree

In an extended media session with reporters on the north lawn of the White House Friday morning, President Donald Trump defending his outreach to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, blasted former FBI Director James Comey in the wake of an internal review of his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, and sparred with reporters over how the Trump Administration is separating illegal immigrant children from their families.

Mr. Trump began the unexpected media blitz by walking out to where Fox and Friends anchor Steve Doocy was broadcasting from the White House lawn, as the two engaged in a nearly [More]